A Week in the Life of an LTer

I know, I know, it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged (and my goal was to blog weekly!) I’ve just had so much going on that it’s hard to narrow down what I should blog about. I’ve decided that this week, I would blog about it all! Let’s call it… “A week in the life of an LTer”

Work: I spend most of my time here at LT working. I’m waitressing at a restaurant called the Square Whale in Holiday Inn Northbeach. It’s a really fun hotel and place to work. If you check out their website (http://www.vboceanfrontnorth.com/) you can see all the pretty pictures of the restaurant and the hotel. I work with one of my roommates, Erika (she’s a server, too) and 4 other LTers at the ‘squale’ (get it? Square + Whale = squale) All of my coworkers are awesome, and I get a beautiful view of the ocean every time I work! Something else I love about my job is that they’re always playing music and I’m allowed to sing and dance along. This picture (courtesy of the hotel’s website) shows the beach-side of the hotel. That red circle? That’s the Square Whale. It’s a pretty nice view and an awesome opportunity.


14A: Incase you missed my roommates post, 14A is home for the summer. Sometimes I don’t feel like I get to spend nearly enough time at home as I’d like to, but when I am home there is always something to do or someone to talk to. Living with 7 other people has been a challenge, but I can’t say I really have any major complaints. There is always someone wanting to go to the beach, pool, or adventuring. There are always staff children that can be babysat, and there is always a chance just to relax! It’s not ALL that much different than living in the residence halls (except I share my room with 3 people and we have to cook our own food), but there are LTers just next door, and the next door down, and then there are even more a little further down.

Session: We have session twice a week (Monday and Thursday nights). The speaker is new every week and does both sessions. It’s normally a speaker from a GCM church who has come to Virginia Beach for the week or a church in the area. On Thursdays, I have the privilege of serving LT through running the media (the stuff that’s projected on the big screen). I do this at h2o and at FCC Salem, so I always feel at home while I’m serving Thursday nights. This week, Carl Frost (one of the staff here at LT from Ball State) did the teachings. Monday night the teaching is always on a parable, and Thursday night the teaching is always on something that the speaker would like a group of college students to know. This Monday, Carl talked about the parable of the good Samaritan (who is our neighbor, why should we love them, and how can we do it better?) The next day, I found a vase of flowers at a table in Panera. There were instructions on the vase that said to “adopt the vase”. I found out that the vase had been placed there as a part of international lonely bouquet day (http://www.fleuropean.com/international_lonely_bouquet_day/).  These flowers in our house have reminded me to think about how I can love my neighbor, whether it’s through a random act of kindness like the bouquet, loving my housemate by emptying the dishwasher, or just being kinder in the thoughts I have about my needy customer at the restaurant. How can you love your neighbors better this week?

The Y: I thought I’d throw this in here because I deemed this post “A week in the life of an LTer” (Specifically a week in the life of ME!). I’ve been going to the Y pretty much every day because we get a free membership through LT! I’m actually enjoying going, and I’ve found one of my favorite times to go is from 11-12 on weekdays (because I can watch Gilmore Girls and work out at the same time!)

Project Day: Project day normally consists of all the LTers waking up early to go to the beach. We go and a staffer normally tells us a story to shape our day around. The first couple project days we practiced doing ‘cold-turkey evangelism’ or just going up to people and telling them about Jesus. The next project day we worked on telling our own stories. Since then, we’ve been having project days focused on spending time with the Lord. We’ve been having progressively longer times with Him, and next Wednesday we will spend all day (8 hours) having ‘quiet time’ with God. It’s pretty exciting for me, because these times are rich and challenging. Throughout the last two times, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Psalm 103 and Psalm 37. Those passages have just given me a lot of hope and joy, and also helped me in my search to delight and find satisfaction in God.  Project day also has a time for lifegroup! I love my lifegroup. God always places me in such wonderful lifegroups, and He’s been faithful to do it again this summer. Something cool about my lifegroup is that we’re all from Kent so we’ll be able to see each other throughout the year. Getting to know these ladies and having the opportunity to grow my question-asking abilities has consistently been one of the highlights of my week.

 I think that’s pretty much it! That’s what I spend my time here at LT doing! I totally love questions and comments, and I’d love to talk more about LT if you have any questions or want me to elaborate on anything else! I want to thank you all so much for your wonderful support and prayers for me while I’m here; it’s awesome to know I have such loving people from all over that care about my summer here. Have a good week, and find a way to love your neighbors better!

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